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Redefining Women's Fashion

TOXIK, founded by Jerra Kaitlynn Whittaker, is a brand that focuses on womenswear, specifically designing fun and unique pieces that will make you stand out in a crowd. With a goal of creating garments that are transitional and versatile, TOXIK designs can be worn in professional settings and easily transition to after-work events. The brand emphasizes fitment and comfort, understanding the differences in body types, and incorporates stretch materials to accommodate varying body shapes. TOXIK sets itself apart by pushing the edge and setting trends, rather than following them.

TOXIK is dedicated to using quality materials and environmentally responsible suppliers. Our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint ensures that we provide clothing designed to last, exceeding industry expectations and creating a positive impact on our planet.

About Jerra

A Passion for Fashion

Jerra Kaitlynn Whittaker, founder of TOXIK, discovered her passion for the fashion industry as a young child, learning to sew from her great-grandmother and great-great aunt. Inspired by the rise of the O.G. Supermodels, Jerra pursued a career in fashion, attending the Community College of the Air Force through Miami Dade College and later the Fashion Institute of Technology. She gained valuable experience shadowing and working with Gianni Versace himself in South Beach, which cemented her decision to become a designer. After overcoming a life-threatening health setback in 2017, Jerra has shown tremendous resilience, rebuilding TOXIK with the support of her executive model and model coordinator, Hannah Stratton. Together, they aim to take the brand to new heights.

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About Hannah

Renaissance Woman

As TOXIK Executive Model and Model Coordinator, Hannah Stratton has played a vital role in supporting Jerra and the brand. Her dedication and hard work have contributed to the success and growth of TOXIK. Hannah is Jerra's voice of reason during challenging times, ensuring the brand remains focused and on track. With her recent signing to Westhaven Management in NYC, Hannah continues to make waves in the industry, embodying the essence of TOXIK and its commitment to pushing the edge and breaking boundaries.

A Collective of Unique Beauty

At TOXIK, we're proud to collaborate with a diverse group of talented models who embody the essence of our brand. From experienced professionals to fresh faces, each model brings their unique beauty, personality, and style to the runway, helping to showcase the versatility of our swimwear and resort wear collections.

Our models are more than just the faces of TOXIK; they're ambassadors of confidence and self-expression. By celebrating their individuality and empowering them to embrace their unique style, we aim to inspire our customers to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

We're excited to share the stories of the incredible individuals who represent TOXIK Fashion. Each of our models has a unique journey, and we invite you to learn more about them and their experiences in the fashion industry.

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